Positive Affirmations

Every single day, the human brain is busy talking to itself, but for many people, the talking is not healthy nor helpful in any way. Oftentimes, that dialogue is often very harsh, judgmental, and is frequently cruel. Since that dialogue can be so detrimental, I set out to change it, and I highly suggest you do the same to live your best life.

Having constant negative thoughts about yourself erodes away any self-esteem you developed over the years, however, you have the power to change that! Thoughts are just thoughts, right? Being consistently attacked with ugly words will take its toll on anyone, but with diligence and a few new tools, you too can change that dialogue, and create a new and improved you. Positive affirmations are going to help you create a positive, upbuilding, and kind conversation with yourself.

Positive Affirmations are simply words that we string together to make short, positive declarations about yourself. Repeating these simple phrases will help center you, and will help you to create a positive mental outlook. By making these statements constantly, you are capable of changing the way you think, and create new pathways in your brain to combat depression. You are able to literally rewire your brain! Yes, you read that correctly… our brain is a magnificent instrument, and will change based on your daily experiences and emotions. We can use this to our advantage!

No matter what level of personal growth you have acquired, utilizing positive affirmations will help change your world! We often cannot control certain circumstances, but we can always be in control of how we “feel”. We do not need to be a slave to the ugly dialogue mentioned at the onset, but instead use it as fuel to motivate you to put those positive affirmations to work for you, to grow and continually pursue becoming the very best you!

You can accomplish your goals!! You will accomplish your goals! ~~Here’s the first example of a perfect positive affirmation for you to start with, and then expand from there.

More posts with examples of positive affirmations coming soon!

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