Loving You

Are you a great friend to others?

When your friend has a problem in life, do you offer kind words of encouragement, offer assistance, and support them in any way you possibly can?

Are you loving, affectionate, nurturing to your significant other?

When a mistake is made by someone you love, do you help them through it? Do you lift them up in any way you can? Do you help them through the mistake and then put it behind you?

Are you loving, affectionate, and kind to those you love?

Not very long ago I was thinking of the way I love and support my significant other. I have had relationships in the past, and felt like I loved others before, but the love I have for him is unlike anything I have experienced, and I am constantly glowing with love for him. In everything that he does, I support him. When he has difficulties, I try to help in every way I can, and offer encouragement and praise as often as I possibly can… yet it all comes very naturally and without thought and effort. My love for him motivates me to show him all the ways I love him.

I then wondered to myself… if I loved myself in the same way, encouraged myself in the same way, was kind to myself in the same way, supported myself in the same way… if I bathed myself in this same type of love, who could I become? Shouldn’t we all be in love with our “selves”?

So I decided that I needed to put myself first. This is not a selfish act at all, but rather a selfless one. After all, one must love themselves to truly love others, right? Who would I flourish into if I chose to be in love with me, and passionate about my “self”? I had to find out! As I applied these attributes to myself, I found that I quickly began to change. Each day started with a skip in my step, a smile found it’s way to my eyes, and happiness began to manifest in all areas of my life. The experience amazed me, and motivated me to share my passions with everyone! I suffered from mental health issues for years (both bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, and borderline personality disorder), and yet I have learned I am not those disorders. Sure, they are a part of who I am, but I define who I am, not any disorders I may happen to live with.

I am the master of my world, the captain of my destiny… and I know you can have the same confidence. Follow my journey and begin your own… becoming the very best you that you can be!

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