Positive Affirmation for April 14, 2019

Positive affirmations help you to rewire your brain… negativity will slowly begin to diminish, being replaced by the positive words you string together as affirmations. All it takes is practice!

Monday April 14, 2019 positive affirmation:

I choose love, joy, and freedom. I open my heart, and allow wonderful things to flow into my life. I am worth all the wonderful things coming my way!

How many of us truly feel love, joy, and freedom when we are stuck in our past wallowing in our misfortunes of days passed? Learn to break the cycle and place positive affirmation all around you. Write them on your bathroom mirror so you read them every morning when you start your day. Write them on index cards and tape them to your refrigerator, your computer screen, your treadmill… doing this creates the opportunity to help guide you into a positive frame of mind… into a better mindset. It is the perfect tool to combat depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

Nothing happens overnight… but with practice and unrelenting motivation, you can help to rewire your brain! You don’t have to be a part of the statistics… you can break the mold, just as I am learning to do. It is possible!

Misery doesn’t have to be a permanent mindset. You can choose happiness.

Make the choice… then WORK on it. Utilize positive affirmations to guide your mind to being positive the majority of the time… it takes work, but you are worth all the work in the world… Get on it!

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