Weight Loss and Medication

Many people experience weight gain from the medication that they take on a regular basis. Does this sound familiar to you? It is an unfortunate side affect that affects thousands and thousands of people. So what can you do to drop those pounds?

The best way to get rid of that unwanted weight is to prevent yourself from putting it on in the first place. That is a given though, so let’s move on. When you are prescribed a new medication, it is always wise to find out if it is known to cause weight gain, and if it does, from that point forward you need to make sure you make healthy food choices, and get your body moving!

A combination of exercise and healthy food choices should help you prevent putting the weight on, or help you lose it. 30 minutes a day of walking is the recommendation for heart health, and if you spend those 30 minutes wisely, that is all the exercise you would need. Combine that with a calorie reduction of 500 calories, and you are on the path to dropping that weight! Choose foods that help you to make the most of your weight loss goals, such as plenty of vegetables, beans, fruit, and water while consuming small amounts of meat and dairy. Also, limit how many carbs you take in overall. Don’t exactly limit your veggies, but certainly limit breads, cereals, potato’s, etc.

WRITE EVERYTHING YOU EAT DOWN. This can be a pain, however, it is invaluable for those who can’t manage to lose weight. Why is this? Well, to keep it simple, writing everything down will force you to see the unneeded calories you consume, and you may find that you didn’t realize how much you were eating. For example, if you snack on a bag of movie theater popcorn while watching a movie, you are easily consuming 500+ calories from the popcorn alone! So write it all down to hold yourself accountable. You can do so either with an app on your smartphone, or keeping a small food journal (food log) with you at all times.

Let’s recap. Consume less calories each day (500 calorie deficit is essential for weight loss), start moving your body by walking, jogging, cycling, hiking, etc., and keep a food journal. Start with these three things, and keep it simple. Those unwanted pounds should start coming off by implementing these three things. If for some reason they do not, stay tuned for further tips, hacks, and ideas to help you be you… to help you on your journey of Becoming the very best YOU.


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