It is our mission to help others to reach their full potential. I am not speaking of climbing that corporate ladder, but rather climbing that ladder out of the abyss of depression, anxiety, and overall malaise of our generation.

My personal struggles have been very real, and at times, insanely overwhelming… and for many years I battled suicidal tendencies. In 2010, I made a deal with my then “self”, and started on a journey of self discovery and growth spurred by the mental breakdowns I experienced through the years, the worst lasting from 2008-2017. This deal with myself involved very intense therapy, and acquiring the tools needed to not only battle the issues keeping me from my “Best-Self”, but to conquer them… and sharing my journey in hopes that I could inspire others on their personal journey, living in a state of “Becoming” their very best, and finding the light they always had, but didn’t recognize.

Through the tools I will share here at Becoming The Very Best You, I was able to take my life back! Not only shedding the mental baggage keeping me from my very best, but also shedding the weight affecting so many areas of my physical, and mental well-being.

I have been able to conquer Bipolar Disorder, and other co-morbid disorders… as well as autoimmune issues by changing what I consume, being more active, and rewiring my brain to become a more positive cheerleader, instead of the gloom and doom mentality that has plagued my mind over the years.

Then, as I noticed huge changes taking place, I decided to put myself first… to love, encourage, lift-up, and support ME in all the ways I have done for those I love… the changes invoked affected my life drastically. I may not have any money, but I have riches far more valuable… I have found the key to my happiness! This process has made me passionate for myself, and in doing this, I am equally passionate to share how I got here!!!

Follow along as I build this place of Becoming The Very Best You, helping others to become passionate for themselves and changing their life… and the lives of those closest to them.

Let’s share this journey of self-love, and watch your life unfold before you as you fall in love with yourself.

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