BVBY Explained

What does Becoming the Very Best You (acronym BVBY) actually mean??

I think it is important that we mention here that your “best” will not be MY best, nor will it be your neighbors best. It is something that is only known by YOU. We do not have a stick for measurement here, nor would we keep records, or somehow track if you are being a productive person and living your best life… that is not for anyone to determine or judge, it is something that only you will know.

This site isn’t to fuel a competition of all time “Bests”… though I am sure at some point we may highlight the “Best” moments submitted by followers… however, the goal isn’t to cause turmoil among us, but rather, to inspire others to live their very best life… to always be in a state of becoming the best version of themselves. Isn’t that what we should all aspire to?

Please know there is absolutely zero judgement here, and it is our goal to share our strategies of success that we used to get to this point of well-being worthy of sharing with excitement and passion! It took many years of hard work to figure out what works best for our mental and physical health goals… and these results deserve to be shared with any and all who will listen, any and all who desire to live a more meaningful life, and who are on a journey of personal growth.

You are the only person who can determine what your best is. Don’t feel pressured to live up to others expectations, but rather create your own realistic expectations, and as you grow into that person, have a happy heart knowing you are worthy of a happy life… you are worthy… period.

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